Technical literature review
This review gives a comprehensive overview on the technical perspective of personal health monitoring. It is designed to build a mutual basis for the project partners of the PHM-Ethics project. A literature search was conducted to screen pertinent literature databases for relevant publications. All review papers that were retrieved were analyzed. The increasing number of publications that are published per year shows that the field of personal health monitoring is of growing interest in the research community. Most publications deal with telemonitoring, thus forming the core technology of personal health monitoring. Measured parameters, fields of application, participants and stakeholders are described. Moreover an outlook on information and communication technology that foster the integration possibilities of personal health monitoring into decision making and remote monitoring of individual people's health is provided. The removal of the technological barriers opens new perspectives in health and health care delivery using home monitoring applications.
pmid: 23920454 Stud Health Technol Inform 影响因子: 0.0 发表日期: 20130101